Track lead aprons with AmRay’s A-Track

Tracking lead aprons has always been a crucial yet time-consuming task. Recognising the need for a streamlined solution that prioritises safety and compliance, AmRay proudly presents A-Track. A-Track is a comprehensive software solution that is designed to efficiently manage, track, and document the inspection of lead aprons.

Revolutionising Garment History Retrieval:

A-Track redefines the process of accessing garment history by offering effortless retrieval through online platforms and dedicated iOS and Android applications. With A-Track, obtaining the complete history of a garment has never been easier. By simply scanning the QR code displayed on your AmRay garment, you can instantly access the information that matters most to you. Gain immediate insights into the lead aprons’ current details and inspection history, ensuring peace of mind and compliance. Even without a smartphone, you can input the unique code into any web browser and seamlessly retrieve results through our cloud-based A-Track software.

Personalise Your Dashboard:

A-Track provides the flexibility to personalise the software’s main page according to the specific needs of your hospital. Tailor your Dashboard to prioritise the information that is most important to you and your team. Begin the customisation process by logging in with your username and password, which will open the Dashboard page. At the top of the dashboard, you’ll find a user-friendly dropdown menu. This powerful feature allows you to add multiple charts and infographics effortlessly, directly incorporating them into your homepage. This personalised approach empowers you to have real-time access to the information that matters most, optimizing your workflow and decision-making processes.

With A-Track, AmRay goes beyond providing a tracking solution. We are committed to delivering a user-centric experience that simplifies garment management, enhances compliance, and promotes safety in radiation protection. Experience the power of A-Track and elevate your lead apron tracking and inspection processes to new heights.