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Learn more about AmRay’s radiation protection products and services below: 

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Product Catalogues

Discover AmRay’s radiation protection catalogues where you can discover our extensive radiation protection range. From lead aprons and accessories to lead apron racks and radiation screens, our diverse offerings are designed to meet all your radiation protection needs. 

Radiation Protection Standards

AmRay meets all major international radiation protection guidelines. In this section, you’ll find comprehensive guidelines and regulations for safe radiation practices, exposure limits, shielding requirements, and compliance measures. These standards ensure optimal safety in various radiation-related industries and applications. 

International Radiation Protection Standard 

IEC 61331-1: 2014
Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation – Part 1: Determination of attenuation properties of materials

IEC 61331-3: 2014
Protective devices against diagnostic medical X-radiation – Part 3: Protective clothing, eyewear and protective patient shields 

Compliance Information

AmRay offers a wide range of personal radiation protection products and service, produced in accordance with the highest standards of quality specification and independently audited and verified. In the compliance section, you’ll certifications and industry standards that our products and services adhere to. This includes information about how our offerings meet or exceed safety and quality criteria, ensuring your peace of mind. 

Declaration of Conformity 


ISO Certificate


CE 0598