Care & Maintenance

Gain access to vital information for prolonging the lifespan of Amray’s lead aprons. Learn best practices for cleaning, storing, and handling, ensuring continued effectiveness and safety throughout the product’s usage.

The radiation protection apparel range from Amray Medical is intended for protection against primary and scatter radiation.

Where heavy-duty, or heavy-duty closed PROTECTIVE APRONS or THYROID COLLARS are worn for RADIOLOGICAL examinations or in procedures where there is exposure to higher energy radiation, greater than 125 kV, only our LEAD LIGHT aprons should be used as this material is approved for up to 150 kVp.

We recommend that the Amray protective apparel must only be used by suitably trained personnel.

Screening after Purchase


  • All aprons should be tested for their protective value before being put in use.
  • Prior to initial screening, remove the garment form the box and hang freely for a period of no less than 24 hours. This will remove any creasing of the protective material which may appear on your screening.



  • All exposed surfaces of the apparel are made from 100% waterproof nylon. Do not immerse garment in water, wipe clean with non-abrasive materials.
  • Washing up liquid, mild disinfectant or wipes are suitable cleaning agents.
  • Chemical and other spills must be wiped from the X-ray protective clothing as soon as possible (within eight hours) as prolonged exposure may cause waterproof coating to deteriorate.

Lead Apron Storage

  • To ensure long life and no deterioration of attenuation properties, it is recommended that aprons be hung on a suitable hanger when not in use.
  • The aprons should not be exposed to extremes of temperature and should be kept away from direct heat or heated surface.
  • Never fold aprons over sharp objects as this is likely to rupture the protective material. Aprons should not be left lying in a creased or folded manner.
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