x ray protection products

As a radiologist, you are certainly exposed to a large amount of x-ray radiation. It is one of the biggest cons of the job. You need to accept radiation as that annoying colleague who is never going to retire.

Just because you get used to the risk doesn’t mean you stop taking proper measures to minimize it. That’s where x ray protection products come in. This gear can literally save your life.

Where do you get them? Amray has got you covered with a collection of the best products in the market. More on that later, let’s talk about how you are exposed to radiation and why you should be careful first.

Exposure In The Workplace

As we mentioned, the radiologist’s office is no fun. It isn’t one for patients and it certainly isn’t for the brave doctors working them.

Patients can chill, however. The small amounts of radiation they face don’t do them much or any harm for that matter.

The same can not be said for you if you are working in the radiology department. You need to oversee multiple Xrays daily and there is no reset button on every new procedure. 

Female doctors face higher risks of facing side effects as well as younger doctors. That is why it is important to stay safe. You simply can not skip out on the gear. What are these dreaded side effects that you should be so scared of?

Side Effects Of Xray Radiation

You aren’t given instant exposure to huge amounts of X-rays. If you were, then you would throw up in the best-case scenario. The worst-case scenario? You would start bleeding internally, faint, or even lose your hair.

No need to check your hairline. You are not exposed to that much radiation, early on in your career anyway. If you neglect proper care, you definitely will see adverse effects.

Remember how we said there wasn’t a reset button? This means that each session leaves a lifelong effect on you and these effects can lead to cancer and several cardiovascular diseases.

Now we have you properly scared. What can you do to avoid these horrible effects?

What Do We Offer?

Radiation protection is no joke so we make sure we have products for every part of your body.

For your torso, we offer a line of skirts, aprons, and vests. To keep your eyes safe, we have the best glasses and goggles in the market. Lastly, we make a large selection of accessories.

Why Our Gear Is The Best

We pride ourselves on making the best products available in the market today. Our products are made with only the finest materials. This ensures that they don’t just protect you, they feel and look good as well.

Speaking of feeling good, our products are custom-fit. We take your measurements and make a product that will fit your perfectly. Gone are the days of wearing loose radiation aprons.

So call us today if you want some high-quality x ray protection products.