x-ray gown

In the medical scene, x-ray procedures are prevalent. As a radiologist, you see patients come in day and night. That means you need to oversee a lot of x-ray procedures every day.

Naturally, you need to keep yourself protected. These procedures do more damage than you might think. You can avoid getting seriously sick with our x-ray gown.

What makes Amray’s gowns so good? We’ve perfected the formula between protection, style, and comfort. All our gowns help keep those pesky X Rays out and make you look good at the same time.

How Much X Ray Radiation Are You Exposed To

You are certain to hold a fair share of X-rays at the radiologist’s office. There are so many procedures that need these rays such as radiographic procedures, fluoroscopies, and the dreaded CT scans.

While these procedures hold very little risk to the patients, they may lead to adverse effects for you. This is because while they may give off small dosages, you need to oversee countless sessions and the effects tend to pile up.

Some procedures do more harm than others. For example, a simple chest x-ray will only expose the patient to 2.4 days of natural background radiation. But a CT scan of the abdomen will expose them to around 2.7 years of that radiation.

You won’t face as much radiation but you still will face similar amounts and you need to do it many times a day. What risks does it pose though?

How Much Harm Does It Do To You

Though your face won’t melt off instantly as you are not exposed to an immensely large amount of x-ray radiation. Seriously, the effects of that are literally terrifying. The long-term effects are more terrifying than you might expect, however.

Cancer is a likely outcome if you aren’t careful when conducting these procedures. You read that right. Cancer is an occupational risk for any radiologist. How do you avoid it?

Gowns That Look Good And Keep You Safe

You must take proper precautions and wearing the right gear is an important part of your safety. A gown may not seem that effective but it can save your life. They are very good at keeping radiation out and easy to wear.

We would like to address the claim that gowns are feminine. This is absolutely untrue. A gown is unisex clothing in the medical scene. You don’t give male patients suits after surgery, do you?

The reason why gowns are so popular in the medical department is that they offer the most airflow across your body. This is crucial to get the maximum levels of comfort. You will be wearing them for a while so this should be a priority.

Why Amray Is Your Best Best

Amray wants to give you the X ray gown that protects you best. To ensure that, we take your measurements and make custom-fitted gowns.

So call us now if you want to start getting serious about your safety.