radiation shield

A radiation shield is a simple object that absorbs electromagnetic radiation. Radiation shields are an essential component of lead aprons used by medical professionals to protect themselves from X-ray beams, as well as for patients to protect themselves from the radiation from diagnostic scans.

AmRay Group provides radiation protective shields to imaging professionals and patients. Our products are all independently audited, meet high-quality specifications, and come with personalized service that sets us apart from other companies in the industry – not just by their level or variety but also because it’s backed up by an unrivaled customer satisfaction rate.

Why Need Radiation Shield for Medical Professionals

Radiation is a form of electromagnetic energy. It has both ionizing and non-ionizing properties. It can come in the form of gamma rays, x-rays, microwaves, infrared rays, ultraviolet rays or alpha particles. This radiation can be harmful to humans if there is overexposure to it which may cause certain types of cancers; genetic mutations; neurological disorders; birth defects; miscarriages; and damage to cells.

The most common sources for this type of radiation are medical imaging equipment like CT scanners, MRI scanners, x-ray machines and fluoroscopy equipment. Radiation doses to the head pose an even greater risk because they will penetrate deeper into the brain than other parts of the body so precautions should be taken to protect the brain.

The dose of radiation that an individual is exposed to depends on the type and duration of exposure as well as the distance from the source. Medical professionals are at risk because they are exposing themselves to direct contact with their patients which can cause them to receive high doses of radiation.

This is why it is important for them to wear personal protective equipment during examinations, wear lead aprons when necessary, wear thyroid collars during some exams, limit X-ray screening only to areas where required. So there won’t be unnecessary overexposure or have these imaging tests done on machines that have undergone proper decontamination procedures. These precautions will help medical professionals minimize the amount of ionizing radiation they are receiving while still providing quality care for their patients.

Radiation Shielding Materials

The radiation shielding material is a material that absorbs and reflects harmful radiation from power sources, such as radioactive material. Radiation shielding materials refer to a set of substances or materials used to shield against any form of ionizing radiation.

It is important to choose the most appropriate type of shielding material based on one’s surroundings and what type of irradiation they are shielded from, which will help in determining the amount of shielding they need. This ensures one’s safety with regard to the harmful effects of radiation.

Choose AmRay Group’s Radiation Shield

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