radiation protective gear

Radiology is not an ideal career. Cardiovascular disease and cancer are very real possibilities if you do not take the proper precautions. We love and respect you for the risks you take on daily. 

But how do you minimize these risks? That’s where radiation protective gear comes in. It is an easy and effective way to greatly reduce the chances of facing any repercussions of overseeing so many procedures daily.

Amray has found a way to offer gear for every part of your body so that you can enter the radiology office with the knowledge that you are 100% safe. Don’t believe us?

We’ve Got Your Back

Let’s start with your body itself, we offer several options to keep your torso safe. Our products can keep your chest and back absolutely safe.

You can choose from our assortment of aprons; the classic style is a safe and classy option that offers standard protection with an unrivaled degree of comfort. If you want a little more comfort, you could opt for our full wrap option.

Still not comfortable? The semi-wrap offers you maximum comfort with great air circulation. If you are willing to dial back on the comfort, you can go for our heavier options.

The back saver as the name suggests gives much-needed attention to your lower and upper back region. The coat option is a little longer so it covers your lower body too.

If you want a heavy-duty option and comfort is not a factor that matters at all, our double-sided aprons are perfect for you. They offer utmost protection. They’re uncomfortable either, they just aren’t as cozy as the other options.

You can even pick between our selection of skirts and vests if aprons are not your cup of team.

Don’t Let It Go To Your Head

We mean this literally. Feel free to be as cocky as you want; we won’t judge. But what you don’t want is harmful radiation to touch that perfect face of yours. That is why we offer the complete gear to keep your head protected.

Our full face shield is fully adjustable and offers a panoramic view. This means that you can wear it comfortably and have no problems with your vision as you can see all angles comfortably.

Under the shield, we offer even more protection with a huge line of eyewear. We have something for everybody; whatever your priority is.

We offer mesh caps for the back of your head as well. These caps are comfortable and fit to wear for a very long time.

Don’t Forget The Rest Of Your Body 

We are sure we missed a fair chunk of your body with the products that we mentioned so far. Don’t worry because that doesn’t mean we don’t have the gear to cover them.

We also sell gloves, arm protection, shin protection, footwear and belts to save the rest of your body from radiation.

The Amray Guarantee 

Our radiation protective gear is sure to keep you safe as we only use the best materials in the production process. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now if you want to start protecting yourself.