radiation protective eyewear

Modern medicine has come a long way. We can see the condition of people’s bones without cutting them up with the use of X-rays. This feat would have seemed impossible even a couple of centuries back.

Unfortunately, there is a caveat to this process. If you are one of those brave doctors who perform these procedures frequently, you undergo a lot of radiation.

That is why Amray is dedicated to making sure that the damage you receive is minimized. We do this by engineering top-notch gear such as our radiation protective eyewear.

These glasses and shields don’t just keep you safe, they make sure you look great too. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a look at all of the options we have to offer.

Max+ and Curves

Our max+ and curves lines were designed for those who value style. These glasses make you look like a spy while protecting your eyes from the harmful radiation around you.

The materials used in the max+ line are the best money can buy, like for all our gear. The TR-90 nylon body and SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses ensure your safety. The strap helps keep them on.

Unfortunately, the max+ line isn’t the perfect fit for everyone. But don’t lose hope if this model is too small for you, the curves model removes the straps and adds an extra layer of protection with 8 Base wrap-around lenses.

53 Wrap And Flex 63

Prefer comfort over style? We have something for you too. While these may not be as suave as their cool strapped counterpart, they still look classy and get the job done.

These are more like your traditional glasses with a special bend to maximize comfort. The 53 wrap embodies this with a lightweight design and flexible nylon frame. The lenses are leaded and you have side shields as a backup.

If you are willing to compromise a little bit of comfort for more heavy-duty protection, the flex 63 is your best friend. The side shields coupled with the SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses give a whole new level of protection.


If you have glasses already, the previous options may feel a little counter-intuitive. In fact, they most likely will not fit. Even if they do, they’ll feel about as comfortable as seeing Thierry Henry in an Ireland Kit. For those of you who don’t follow football, it will be incredibly uncomfortable.

That is why we designed the aptly named fitover that is made to be worn over your glasses while being light, durable, and super cozy.

Panorama Shield

If glasses just aren’t your thing, we also offer a fully adjustable lead impregnated panorama shield. In simpler words, it’s a face shield made specifically to keep out radiation.

And So Much More

Your eyes aren’t the only body parts that need to be protected: radiation protective eyewear is only a part of your gear. You find everything you need on our website. Contact us today.