radiation protection

Unfortunately, radiation protection isn’t taken that seriously. The hospitals are a hotbed for radiation and it is a huge concern for any medical professional in the radiology department.

You really need to stay protected as the effects of radiation are scary and ones that you want to avoid at all costs. The good news for you is that Amray gives you the best radiation protection in Ireland.

Our gear looks, feels, and is better than any other product in the market. They are guaranteed to keep you safe and looking your best at the same time. But let’s address just how bad radiation can be. 

Why You Should Really Stay Protected

Radiology is no laughing matter. Unlike any other doctors, radiologists face risks to their own health, every single day. This is because they have to oversee several X-rays on a daily basis.

What is so bad about that? Well, X Rays give off a lot of radiation. In fact, if you are exposed to a large amount of it, you will face several adverse health effects such as vomiting and internal breathing. Not ideal.

The small doses in each individual procedure aren’t nearly as harmful but radiologists go through an onslaught of these procedures. The repetition can take a toll on your body

As a radiologist, we are sure you know about the horrible long-term effects. Here is a quick refresher: you may get cancer if you are not careful enough. How do you stay careful?

How Our Products Keep The Radiation Away

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to reduce the risks greatly. That is where we can help with our unique list of products. But what makes our products so unique?

Our products are made with the highest grade of materials. We make sure to pick the best materials to keep radiation out of your body. Through careful research and development, we found out the most effective materials to use.

Trust us when we say we had a lot of time to do this research as we’ve been in the business for three decades. Our gear is tried and tested, to say the least. This research also allowed us to offer expert craftsmanship. What else has our research achieved?

Fashion Isn’t Compromised

We understand timeless fashion. That is why we chose not to cater to the prevalent style trends that came and went when developing our gear. Can you imagine denim aprons? We did this to ensure you look your best.

Neither Is Durability

Our products also last a very long time. We know how much you will be using it so we use long-lasting materials to make sure it can offer radiation protection for the years.

Fits Like A Glove

Lastly, we keep your comfort in mind. You need to be able to wear this for long periods of time without any issues. That is why we used flexible and soft materials to make these products.v

We also offer custom-fittings for our products. Call us today to get a product that is made to fit you. We ensure radiation protection in Ireland.