radiation protection advisor

Are you a medical professional who has to regularly be exposed to radiation from medical equipment? You might be at the risk of various diseases caused by exposure to radiation. And you may just not know it or know what to do about it. 

If you want to consult with a radiation protection advisor, here at AmRay, we have experts on the matter. You can talk to a professional on radiation about the harmful effects of it and get their advice on what to do to protect yourself. 

We Have Experts Who Know All About Radiation 

Being a company that manufactures radiation protection garments, tools, and equipment, we have a lot of experts in our team. People who know all about radiation, how it affects the human body when exposed to high amounts, and which measures could actually protect you from these. 

Trust Their Expertise And Experience 

The people you would be taking advice from are the same who are curating and designing the garments made to protect you from radiation. They carefully examine all the factors and points to ensure radiation does not harm you when you wear our protective gear. 

As they are designing these, you know for sure they would offer great advice on which steps you should take to keep yourself safe while, let’s say, operating an X-Ray. 

Download Our Buying Guide 

But if you don’t want to speak to a person, and would rather read through a descriptive guide that explains everything anyway, check out our buying guide! Our informative buying guide covers all the details on helping you choose which products you would need for you and the diagnostic centers you work at. 

From this guide you be able to will understand which garments would suit your requirements the best, and also figure out how much protection is optimal for your purposes. 

We Offer Full Garment Customization Along With Advice 

Aside from providing professional advice, we also let our customers customize their purchases. You can provide us with your measurements and select the level of protection you want in your protective garments, and we will tailor it exactly according to your needs. 

Go through our buying guide to understand even more what it is that you exactly need, and then choose your desired radiation protection garments. 

30 Years Of Reliable Radiation Protection 

For more than 30 years, AmRay has been the number one brand to produce and sell radiation protection equipment. With all this experience, we know what kind of advice to give to our customers as well. You can rely on our three decade experience and expertise when it comes to taking advice and making the purchase itself. 

Consult With Us And Order From Our Store Today!

So, if you think you would like to discuss your requirements with us, be sure to reach out through email. And if you find our radiation protection advisor helpful, definitely purchase your protective equipment and garments today!