radiation apron

A radiation apron sounds like something from a post-apocalyptic sci-fi movie but it’s a real thing. You might be wondering where we see this much radiation in the real world?

If you work in or have been around hospitals, then you know just where we are going with this. The radiology office is a hotspot for radiation. If you are still a tad bit confused, don’t worry we’ll clear your doubts shortly.

The scary amounts of radiation a radiologist goes under on a daily basis are no laughing matter. So how can you keep yourself safe if you are one of these brave men and women?

The fix lies in protective gear like the aforementioned apron. The good news is that what we here at Amray have got your back.

Where Do We See The Most Radiation?

If you’ve ever gotten an x-ray, you probably noticed that the person conducting the x-ray tells you it’s safe and then runs for the hills the moment the machine makes a squeak.

You wouldn’t be irrational to be skeptical of his claims that the process isn’t dangerous.  In fact, it’s only natural to doubt them. Your cynicism is unnecessary, however. Small doses of radiation don’t really harm you and that’s all you’re exposed to when you go in the machine. 

The radiologists performing these X-rays are not as lucky as you; they need to overlook multiple sessions a day and possibly thousands in their lifetime.

Needless to say, this much radiation can’t be safe. There are several side effects to such high levels of exposure and they only intensify over time if the exposure doesn’t stop.

But as a radiologist, it’s an occupational hazard you have to get used to. It would however be irresponsible to not take precautionary measures.

How You Can Stay Protected

One of the best ways you can reduce the risks of facing side effects from exposure to high levels of radiation is some sort of protective gear. A staple of this sort of gear is the radiation apron

These aprons are non-negotiable for anyone who is frequently exposed to radiation. Luckily, you don’t need to compromise in terms of style with us. 

You can choose from a large variety of aprons. You can go with a classic apron or choose from a semi-wrap, full-wrap, back saver, or even a coat apron. They were all made with ergonomics in mind.

We ensure that you get the perfect fitting with custom measurements and maximum air circulation so that you can move around freely and quickly. No one likes to be in a straight jacket. Except maybe Hannibal Lecter.

But a good fit isn’t all you need for comfort. Material is a huge factor and we use only the best when making our gear.

How We Can Help

Our website is easy to navigate and you can pick up your very own gear by visiting it today. So what are you waiting for? Get serious about your safety now by ordering your very own radiation apron.