purple color revolution

Note this is the purple color revolution and not the purple revolution. Now that all the history buffs have left the chat, what exactly is this revolution we speak of? The war against ultra-violet rays of course

UV rays are all around us. The most notable source is the sun but you’d be a little naive to believe it is only one. In fact, the screen you are reading this on is probably emitting some UV rays right now.

Fortunately for you, a bit of sunscreen will go a long way to keep you safe from the numerous negative effects of these rays. If you work in the medical sector, however, it isn’t that simple.

You need to wear reliable gear that keeps out these rays and makes sure you stay safe. That’s where Amray can help. But before we talk about how our products can help, why do you even need help?

Why UV Rays Are So Dangerous

UV rays are absolutely terrifying but they do have a fair share of uses. If you visit tanning salons often, you have these rays to thank for your killer complexion. 

But it isn’t just for cosmetic purposes, fire detection and forensics are just some of the more serious applications of this radiation. 

UV rays are also used a lot in the medical field. It is used for sterilizing all the tools that you use and it is used to cure a lot of diseases through therapy such as psoriasis and vitiligo. 

For all the good that it does, it has a fair bit of side effects as well. If you are exposed to a large amount of it at once then you will quite literally burn. 

But such huge exposure in an instant is unlikely in the workplace, what you are exposed to are small doses over the course of years. Unfortunately, the clock doesn’t reset after each session of exposure.

Over time, your body faces severe issues if protection is neglected. Skin cancer is one of the worst and most common side effects of not being careful around these waves.

There have been a large number of cases where medical professionals have gotten eye diseases through exposure to UV rays. These are scenarios you want to avoid at all costs we hope.

How Our Gear Helps Mitigate These Effects

That’s why we are here. We offer gear to keep your entire body safe from these dangerous rays.

For your face, we have a selection of goggles and full-face shields. Each and every model looks different and serves different purposes so they can cater to everyone’s needs.

Our aprons make sure that your torso is protected. You have a large selection of options here as well to find one that fits your purposes best.

Lastly, we have accessories such as lead gloves, mesh caps and shin and footwear to keep your other body parts safe.

Join the purple color revolution today and keep the UV rays away from yourself by contacting Amray today.