medical safety glasses

Radiation is a silent killer. It takes a long time but sure enough, millions succumb to diseases related to radiation. If you work with X-rays often, you are exposed to a concerning amount of radiation on a daily basis?

Even after you get a fair bit of distance between you and the machine, some of the radiation still makes its way to you. So what is the solution? Wear protective gear. This is absolutely compulsory.

An essential part of your gear is your medical safety glasses. This pair is made to keep you safe from the onslaught of radiation that goes come across throughout your day.

We here at Amray are dedicated to getting you the very best glasses but before that let’s see what makes a pair of radiation-proof glasses really cool?

Does It Work?

This is pretty obvious. The first priority is to make sure it serves its main purpose. These glasses really need to be up to the task and keep you safe from the potential deadly rays that you are exposed to daily.

This is why we recommend forgetting the price tag when purchasing these products. You can’t skimp on the price. It compromises your safety and we feel it isn’t a fair trade.

You need to use the right materials: they are the building blocks of your glasses and so you need them to be fit for purpose.

Does It Last Long?

Speaking of building blocks, these glasses need to stand the test of time. As we hinted before; they don’t really come cheap. The lead and expertly tailored lenses can make a demanding price tag.

It wouldn’t be smart to buy one for the short term. Glass in particular go through a fair bit of wear and tear. You take them off and put them on every few minutes so it would help to have a sturdy frame.

Is It Stylish?

This may be a secondary demand to some but to a lot of people: this is the top priority. Luckily for you, glasses are a classy affair. 

It’s really hard to mess up but we’re not saying it’s impossible; your patients don’t want to see Urkel on the other side of the glass. When done right though, they can really make you look smarter. Trust us: you are actually smarter for wearing them.

How Does It Feel?

Comfort is another aspect that is super important and it makes complete sense if you ask us. The material plays a big role here too. The right material can make a world of difference.

No one wants glasses that don’t fit right or fall off the moment you look in a particular direction and do you know where you can greet them?

Can We Give You That?

Right here at AmRay. We are home to the best medical safety glasses in Ireland. We’ve got a model for everyone. 

Whether you’re a utilitarian, style freak, or a comfort junkie, our glasses were made with everyone in mind. So, don’t be shy, contact us now!