lead vest and skirt

Have you ever gone to get an X-Ray done and noticed the operator running to hide immediately after putting the machine on? Yeah, well they don’t want to be exposed to excessive amount of radiation from X-Ray. 

That’s why, in order to help protect them from this radiation, AmRay produces and supplies radiation proof lead vest and skirt. If you are someone who works somewhere with a lot of radiation, you might need one of these.  

Ergo Fit Radiation Protection Vests 

Being made of lead, these vests are perfect for people working in workplaces with high radiation, including X-Ray clinics. These vests have a full front overlapping velcro enclosure that offers a lot of protection. 

It comes with padded shoulders and provides great air circulation. Apart from that, it has a soft outer material that offers pretty good flexibility, which is also anti-bacterial. 

Radiation Proof Lead Skirts 

Made with the exact same materials but in a skirt design, the lead skirts that we offer are perfect for any professional that deals with high radiation tasks. This skirt does not obstruct any kind of movement and offers the support that you need. 

It comes with a velcro enclosure just like the vest, and is also equipped with a belt to fully secure it onto your waist. If you live the radiation protection vest, we are sure you will love this one too. 

Customize Your Garments With Us 

You can provide your own measurements and have your vest or skirt tailored to your needs. We take custom orders to ensure that these garments fit you right and you are provided with the utmost comfort while performing these fatiguing tasks. 

On top of that, you also get to choose which material you really want, how much lead you need, or if you need it at all! 

We Provide All Kinds Of Radiation Protection Accessories 

Here at ArRay, we have a variety of radiation protection items to choose from. From different kinds of vests, skirts, and mesh caps to face masks, aprons, thyroid collars, dental aprons, OPGs, etc. 

We also have stuff like intervention radiation protection, apron storage racks, fixed screen booths, etc. So, if you need any of those, you can always reach out to us and let us know what you need. 

We Have Been Protecting From Radiation For 3 Decades

We have been manufacturing and supplying our equipment and garments to individuals and protecting them from radiation for more than 30 years. We offer a 3-year guarantee for our protective solutions, so you can rest assured that we are definitely confident in our quality of product and service. 

Contact Us To Order Your Lead Vest And Skirt 

So, if you want to order your lead vest and skirt from AmRay, be sure to check out our website and order now! Customize your item according to your size and have it delivered to your doorstep all over Ireland today!