lead goggles

Scared of Superman looking into your eyes? Boy, do we have the product for you, Lex Luthor. Jokes aside, ever wondered why the man in blue couldn’t see past the lead?

Well, it’s called X-Ray vision for a reason. X-rays can not penetrate lead and so his supervision doesn’t work against it. This mechanic can do a world of good for you if you work in the radiology department.

Our exclusive lines of top-notch lead goggles help keep those radioactive rays away from your precious eyes to keep them protected. Amray offers a goggle for everyone, don’t believe us? Here are our impressive products.

The Ever So Stylish Max+ And Curves

Here is the thing; all our products put your safety first. Any goggle you choose will ensure that the radioactive rays you are working with can not reach you.

Where they do differ is in terms of other factors and one of those factors is style. Some of us wear crocs with socks and some of us don’t own crocs (we’ll let you decide what’s more comfortable). That’s the way the world works. 

For those who put fashion in high regard, our max+ and curves series fulfill that desire to a tee. They look amazing but they are super practical as well.

Both of them feature a TR-90 nylon frame which means durability is never in question. The lenses are distortion-free SF-6 Schott glass radiation-reducing lenses which are equivalent to 0.75m lead. In simpler words, there’s no getting past them.

The Max+ series was made for those with more petite heads, the wrap-around design ensures that they are securely attached to your head

The Curves series was made with those with larger heads in mind. The glasses may not have the wrap-around design but they have 8 Base wrap-around lenses so they double or rather octuple on security in that aspect. 

Maximize Your Comfort With 53 Wrap And Flex 63

If the style isn’t a major concern for you, these two lines are great for you. While they don’t look too shabby, they are certainly a fair bit less appealing than the previous two designs. They look pretty classy to us.

What they lose in terms of fashion, they account for in terms of comfort. These were made with comforts and the top priority, right after practicality that is. How did we achieve this comfort?

The goggles are super lightweight. This makes sure that you are not carrying a lead bar around your eyes and that you can wear them for long periods of time.

Additionally, the flexible nylon frame ensures that your goggles last for a good while. 

The flex-63 features the same lenses as the max+ and curves series while 53 wrap opts for lighter leaded glass. They are both super safe.

Got Glasses? Go For Fitover And Shields

Lastly, we’ve got to give some love to our bespectacled community. You can opt for our fitover series on our full-face shields to make sure that your glass has room to breathe.

As you can see, we have something for everybody. So hop on over to Amray and get your lead goggles today.