lead cleaner

We all know that one guy. He never bothers washing his face, wears the same shirt to work every day, and just smells like brie. Hygiene is an essential part of your health and it isn’t just to avoid odor.

A medical professional certainly knows this and so you will seldom find a doctor who doesn’t pay special attention to personal hygiene. Disclaimer: a lead cleaner is not a personal hygiene product.

However, it is a necessary asset for any of you using radioactive protection gear. Most of this gear has lead in it and so you can’t just toss in the washing machine and call it a day. 

No, you need to keep the lead clean to make sure that your gear still fulfills its purpose well. And what good is protective gear that doesn’t protect you anymore?

Where Is Lead Used And Why

Lead is a metal that is used in a lot of places but we’ll be focusing on one of its most important uses today. Lead is the best material to keep away radioactive rays.

Why is lead so effective against radiation? It is one of the densest metals on the planet. It isn’t the densest however with gold and uranium for example being much denser.

The reason why we opt for lead in the medical field particularly is the fact that it is super cheap. This is where lead shines; it offers maximum protection at a reasonable price.

Doctors such as radiologists are bombarded by x rays every day and so it is important for them to take measures against the radiation. The best way to do this is by using protective gear made of lead. 

As mentioned, the lead is so dense that x rays and other radioactive rays can not go through it.

You might be wondering; what if these rays get through? It’s only a little bit of radiation. The results would be catastrophic. The radiologists work in these offices for years and years and so if you are in such a field, please wear the gear.

While your face may not melt off from doing one x-ray, long-term exposure can lead to horrible consequences; most notably, cancer.

Why The Lead Needs To Be Cleaned 

Now that you know why this lead is so important and how it keeps you safe if you are working in the radiology department, let’s talk about why you have to clean it every so often.

The first and most obvious reason is to ensure that it stays effective. The cleaning process enhances the effectiveness of your gear by restoring the lead’s anti-radiation capabilities.

Secondly, it does not damage the lead at all. In fact, it increases its durability as it helps mitigate a lot of the wear and tear it goes through over its lifetime.

Lastly, it removes any odor. This does not affect your safety but it’s always good to smell fresh.

Where Can You Find A Reliable Lead Cleaner

A lead cleaner isn’t exactly available in the grocery store. Well, you’re in luck because Amray has got you covered. Contact us today to keep your gear neat, tidy, and useful.