lead apron with collar

The strength of lead is fabled. One of Superman’s only weaknesses is lead. A man who can withstand a barrage of bullets, carry a bridge, tear through a fighter plane and take on an army can’t see past this material.

Ever thought why? That is because lead is a great way to stop X Rays and so Xray vision doesn’t work against it. According to that logic, a lead apron seems like a good option to protect yourself right.

But an apron isn’t enough. We recommend getting a lead apron with collar. You need to protect your entire body. Amray can help you do that.

If a comic isn’t enough to convince you of lead’s effectiveness, we totally get it so let’s start by taking a look at what makes it so good at keeping you safe.

Why Lead Is So Useful Against Radiation

There is a very solid scientific reasoning behind why lead keeps X rays out. Lead has a very high density. In other words, it is quite thick. It can keep out gamma rays which have much more penetrating power than X Rays.

However, lead isn’t the densest material on the planet. That honor would go to Osmium. In fact, lead isn’t even close; gold, platinum, and plutonium are all considerably denser.

But did you notice something about the three materials we mentioned? They are incredibly expensive. This would make our aprons very pricey. Also, these minerals are rare so we don’t want to use them up. Lead is strong enough to do the task. The lower density makes them a fair bit lighter as well. 

Our aprons and collars use this technology to their advantage and are infused with this super-strong metal.

Our Aprons Are Built Different

First off, our aprons do not come with built-in collars. We are not willing to compromise on your style this greatly. Instead, we sell them separately. Our aprons by themselves look really good and paired with our collars they look even better.

The fact that they are separate gives you a plethora of choices to mix and match. If you are someone who wants to keep it simple, our classic option is great for you. 

We also have coat aprons for a different look. Along with that, we have back savers, double-sided aprons, and many other options. We didn’t even mention our collar options.

They are super comfortable. They are designed for maximum airflow and the weight distribution ensures that you feel great all across your body. They are also custom-fit for you.

Collars That Don’t Disappoint

As we mentioned, you get to choose the collar too. We offer three different thyroid collars in A, B, and C. Each with a different size and style. 

You can choose between velcro and magnet closure. Both are equally easy to use and super secure. Our collars are equally comfortable as our lead apron because we use the same material.

Trust Us

Speaking of material, we only use the best materials for you. Call us to get yourself a great lead apron with collar.