intervention radiation protection

X-Ray radiation and radiation from other different medical machinery can be quite harmful when exposed to in excessive amounts. While it isn’t detrimental for the patients to get the X-Rays done, it can be pretty dangerous for doctors and operators of those machines. 

While you should wear protective garments and vests, an intervention radiation protection is also essential to have in any diagnostic chamber. If you’re looking for something like that, we have it here at AmRay!

We Provide Hyposcopic Aprons

Hyposcopic protection screens decrease the exposure to radiation emissions from the below tables and are provided with a removable upper screen to protect against distributing radiation from the body of the patient. 

These are typically made from a plastic coated lead rubber. The hyposcopic apron is certainly a flexible solution for the protection of an operator. The features of this equipment are:

And Two Different Kinds Of Table Covers 

Table covers prevent radiation to affect you from under the table. That is why these are so important to have in an X-Ray room. 

Table 1

The features of this table cover are:

Table 2

And the features of this one are:

30 Years Of Excellent Service 

We at AmRay have been providing the best protective garments and equipment to various medical facilities to protect professionals from harmful radiation exposure. Our excellent craftsmanship and dedication to provide you the best quality, has kept our reputation high for over 3 decades. Rely on our experience and trust our service. 

Reach Out To Us And Order Your Intervention Radiation Protection Now!

So, if you want to purchase intervention radiation protection, be sure to reach out to us right away. We also have protective garments that you can wear to save yourself from the radiation. Visit our website, browse through our store and see which equipments you need. AmRay is happy to be keeping so many people safe.