Customise Your Garment.

When customisation is king, we truly come into our own.

Our company was initially established because our founder, Helen Johnston, was less than impressed with the one-size-fits-all approach of many suppliers. Her response was to develop a user-friendly approach to radiation protection, providing customised solutions to healthcare professionals of 

all shapes and sizes, and delivering a whole new level of comfortably fitting protective clothing that was truly fit for purpose. Today, this level of customisation is evident in our multiple fastening solutions, our range of materials, and our colour options offered.

Bespoke service.

We fully recognise that one size very definitely doesn’t fit all. That’s why we offer a fully bespoke service, which ensures that you get the precise fit you need, with the design or colouring that you prefer. Not only does this deliver a more comfortable fit for daily wear, but you’ll also enjoy the level of protection that we’re rightly famous for.

On choosing an apron, it is important to select a style that best suits your shape. Because there are so many different body types, we offer a variety of models allowing you to create your own individual set by matching any vest with any skirt, in order to maximize your comfort.

Using our customisation feature online, you can select your requirements and receive an automatically generated quote, direct to your inbox.