control X-Ray

X-Ray can be very harmful when someone gets in contact with it excessively. Unfortunately, as professionals who have to operate X-Ray machines, you might not have much of a choice. 

But if you want to control X-Ray radiation and keep yourself protected from it, we have a solution for you. Here at AmRay, we produce all kinds of protective gears for X-Ray and other kinds of harmful radiation.

We Have Radiation Protection Vests 

To combat the harmful effects of radiation from X-Rays, we have radiation proof vests made of lead. These are very comfortable to wear and have the best quality material. With padded shoulders, soft outer material, anti-bacterial surface, and amazing air circulation, these vests are perfect for X-Ray operators. 

Lead Skirts That Do The Same Job

And if you are in need of a skirt that would do the same, we have one with the same material that does the same job. These skirts come with velcro enclosures just like the vests, and also have a belt to keep it in place. It offers equal amounts of comfort and flexibility as the lead vests. 

And A Bunch Of Other Items That Are Protective As Well

We also have a wide range of other radiation protection equipment and accessories. Aside from vests, skirts, and mesh caps we also have face masks, aprons, thyroid collars, dental aprons, OPGs, etc. 

And if you’re also in need of intervention radiation protection, fixed screen booths, apron storage racks, etc. we have got you covered there too! We supply all of these to protect our customers from harmful X-Ray radiation. 

You Can Customize Your Garments 

To ensure that your garments fit you correctly, we offer full customization. You don’t want to have an uncomfortable radiation proof garment that does not fit you right. You also have the option to choose your material. 

Select the amount of lead in your protective garment, or if you want any lead at all. All you have to do is let us know your measurements, tell us your choice of material, and we will tailor it to your needs. 

We Understand The Importance Of Radiation Protection

X-Ray radiation can be very harmful and even cause cancer if you’re exposed to it too much. This is why we promote using our protective gears and accessories, so that you’re not at risk of any harmful effects of the radiation. 

Rely On Our Three Decade Experience 

We’ve been doing this for over 3 decades, and have provided our accessories too so many individuals and firms. We offer a three year guarantee on all our products, so you can rest assured that we will take care of any issues you face with the stuff within those 3 years for free. 

Email Us To Order Your Custom Control X-Ray Garment

So, if you want to control X-Ray radiation and limit your exposure, be sure to check out the protective vest, skirt and other accessories from AmRay today!